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Default Minky Fabric Made Me Feel Inadequate

I fought the battle with Minky fabric yesterday and lost. I was making a tag blanket for my granddaughter, just 15 x 15. The front was four squares with her name monogrammed in the middle. I pinned the front/back together and started sewing. It was uneven and bunchy so I started trimming, even though it was even when I pinned it. When I finished the blanket the name was no linger centered, clearly an inch off.

By the time I stopped for dinner, I was feeling like I can't do this. My mother taught me to sew years ago, and she was a dressmaker, working from home. I used to sew when my kids were little, but put it aside for years. I've started back in the last year, thinking I was doing pretty well, until last night. What could I have done differently?
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