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Default So frustrated...I wish sewing machines could be built to order...Janome 6600 vs. 7700

I'm looking to upgrade my sewing machine and I have it down to between the 6600 and 7700. Everything seems pretty similar between the two. The harp space is 2" smaller on the 6600, but it would be MUCH larger than my current machine, so that's not an issue. They both have a adjustable foot pressure, thread cutter, acufeed, and knee lifter, which are all features my current cheapo machine are lacking. The straight stitch needle plate converter for the 7700 looks really cool, but a separate straight stitch plate for the 6600 is not a big deal to take on and off.

What it really comes down to is the free-arm on the 7700. I want a free arm machine with all the benefits that for quilting that both of these machines have. I've only visited one dealer in my area so far, but their price for the the 6600 is approximately $1,500 and $2,999 for the horizon. So if I went with the horizon, it's like I'm spending twice as much for 2" more bed space and a free arm. I don't really care about all the fancy stitches because 99% of my sewing involves a straight or zig zag stitch. Is there something else I'm missing? What else about the 7700 could possibly justify the higher price tag???

Sure, I could go with the 6600, but then I'd feel like I'd have to keep my little cheap singer to sew my kids' clothing because it has a free-arm. My goal is to have one machine that can accomodate all my sewing (with the exception of the stuff I use my serger for). I really want to do more free motion quilting, and I find it nearly impossible to accomplish this on my little machine.

My dream machine would have the harp space of the horizon, built-in even feed, needle up/down, thread cutter, adjustable foot pressure, knee lift, a good locking stitch, free arm, and 10-20 high quality basic stitches. Any thoughts?
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