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Originally Posted by Honchey View Post
Jan, I don't like it either and will always try to take the easy way out. I cut a circle using postcard weight paper..then cut the fabric circle at least 1/2" larger...then using the yo yo technique gather the edge using small stitches pulling the thread so that the fabric folds itself over the paper circle...anchor the thread then press the whole thing... remove the paper...You now have a finished circle with the seam allowance folded and will not come apart.. stitch to whatever you need to. I also did that to the larger one..it was a little more cumbersome but it was better than needle turning the fabric. I love the totem pole fabric...so different...
Hi all, I'm back from my camping trip. Just arrived home late morning.

I was taught to make circles this way Honchey. I also used school glue and glued it down before I stitched around the edge. Will get mine posted sometime today.
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