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Originally Posted by ckcowl View Post
no- it is not true- back in the (old days) dyes were acid dyes-and vinegar set them- now days pretty much only wools are still dyed with acid dyes-
the dyes that are used on cottons are not acid dyes-
the vinegar will soften/freshen your fabrics but will do nothing for (retaining/setting) colors.

visit Dharma Trading Post- they have free information sheets & tutorials that will explain/teach you pretty much anything you need to know about dyeing fabrics/setting colors/making batiks/fabric painting---they also carry all of the supplies needed for the various techniques.
This is spot on! Using vinegar will NOT set dye on cotton fabrics. Many beleive it will and wash using vinegar , but the only benifit to the dye is the water wash to carry off the unset dye. A real bleeder can continue to runbleed in subsiquent washings.
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