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Red face You can send me my official membership card to the UFO club now

I swore I was never going to be part of the UFO club. Well, you should never say never.

Do UFO's multiply when you close the sewing room door?

I was organizing my sewing room because I am having a retreat at my house this weekend. Approximately 12-15 people will be coming in and out for the weekend, many of them just want to "see what it is about". That means people will be "borrowing" from my stash and supplies. I dont mind this, especially if they are newbie's or "occasional" quilters but I wanted to make sure something that I needed for a project wasn't borrowed.

After organizing, I counted 22 UFO's and WIP's. Plus another 15 projects or so that I may have the pattern but not the right fabrics or fabric waiting for the right pattern. Then there are about 25 patterns which haven't even been opened.

My "stash" is only about 6 small plastic drawers but my UFO's take up a whole wall of drawers. I looked at some these and they need just a few hours work. Others need a lifetime of help!!!

My goal for the retreat is to complete five of these UFO's. After looking at the price of fabric, I think I will soldier on through with some of these others.

Meanwhile, where do I send the dues for my membership?
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