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Default Need Help / Suggestions on 'Fullness' please

As a newbie - I've run into a 'situation' that I need some suggestions on please.
I have made a 9 patch quilt - each completed block is appx 2-1/2 inches, I think there are 25 rows of 23 blocks/squares, alternating a block with a 'square'. All is good except for on one end where i seem to have a little fullness, ok a lot of fullness - probably close to an inch. Best I can figure out its starting about 4 or 5 rows from the outer edge. Obviously I had either blocks or squares that weren't the same size.
So my question/quandry - is it 'ok' to take a dart in the top to ease out that fullness or should i start taking apart each of the rows to try to isolate and resew that?
I don't want to put my borders on until i flatten out the design.
All suggestions welcome and Thanks in advance.
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