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I have 4 grandsons (ages 1-9) and one little granddaughter. I've made them all 'little' quilts for using in front of the television for for curling up with when reading a book with grandma. :wink:
For two of the boys I bought fish fabric, for another grandson the fabric was a jungle print with lots and lots of animals and leaves and the other grandson got monkeys. I used colors from the focus fabrics and just did a simple nine patches and alternated them with blocks of the focus fabrics. Then I bought the wildest fabrics I could find to put on the backs of the quilts. The quilts were bright and cheery and are well loved!

Some magazine, I can't remember which one now, had patterns for trucks to piece. They made a cute quilt. Hmm. Which magazine were they in? I'll look but I think they got tossed during a recent cleaning frenzy here. I don't know if this helps at all or not. I still want to make the bug jars for one of those boys. Have you thought of having your grandson draw a picture of some trucks and incorporating the drawings into the quilt? There are a lot of possibilities out there. Design your own trucks. After all a truck is just a rectangle with some circles for wheels. Add another square up front for the cab. Keep looking and don't give up.
Check out the children's coloring book too.

Check the above out. Truck pattern. I knew I'd seen it somewhere. Enjoy!
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