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Originally Posted by julia58
I have been waiting on last weekend to get here for a year, Mid Atlantic Quilt Show... I went with my husband Sat., he is in the home healthcare business, He needed to pick up some equiptment, so I decided to get out and see some of the country, thinking I would surely see a new quilt store on the way, which I did, and made him turn around... We had a great day, stopped at a little place and got lunch, drove 1 1/2 hours home and spent the rest of the weekend praying to the porcelin gods. I had planned on spending all day Sunday at the Quilt Show but it didn't work that way, maybe next year!!! I will never eat Pork again!!!!Never, Never Never!!!
Sounds like you should have prayed to the porcine gods. Sorry you missed something that you looked forward to all year. Usually I miss that something because.. I forget. Duh.

tim in san jose
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