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Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
The batting won't hold it, but the quilting might...sort of, if you're lucky. The seams involved will always have more stress than others however. If you block an out-of-square quilt...the same idea as 'stretching' a will only stay square until the next time it gets wet. Then it reverets to it's 'natural' state. It's the main reason I don't force my will on fabrics, preferring to work with them and not against them during construction.
That is what I was thinking -

So when someone suggests using some method to 'make a block bigger' by stretching it while it's wet - I totally cringe and wonder 'What the ????"

Or blocking a block or quilt to make it square - - -

Especially when the suggestion comes from an 'expert'.

When I'm done with something, I want to be done with it - I don't want to fret about the item every time it's washed!!!

My 'stretching' experience is with my ironing board cover that I purchased when I bought my Big Board - it's skimpy and I have to put it back on when it's almost wet for it to barely cover the top - and some 'pillow cases' for couch cushions that were 'roomy' when I made them - one of the few times I did NOT wash before cutting - and I can only get them back on with difficulty when they are still damp.

The starch/sizing experiences were when I was cutting I Spy squares and a Dear Jane block. My intent was for crispness, not stretching. I've since learned I was supposed to let it DRY before pressing it. Who has the patience for that??

I think it's easier to let the fabric 'do its thing' than to try to 'beat it into submission'

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