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I do the same because if you dont they keep calling back. I had one company that kept calling me wanting me to let them have my mortgage and they'd call everyday. So one day I had enough and just started screeming at the top of my lungs into the phone with a high pitch. It didn't take them long to hang up and they never called back. Then another one was a magazine company who kept calling and finally I told her I wanted one of each one. She said you do, I said yes I do. I told her that I was in the middle of filing bankruptcy and that I could buy her mags and then claim them on my bandruptcy; she studdered something and then hung up. She stopped calling. Then yesterday, someone called and said someone submitted my name to get free baby stuff, I told her that was a lie because not only could I not have any kids I was already enjoying great grandkids so I knew she was lieing. I told her that since in my state it was against the law to call someone on the do not call list and that I now had her # on my caller Id she had one of two choices, one is to get sued and the other was take my name off the list and not call back. It's crazy the things you have to do to stop them. The do not call list doesn't work. This is the only reason I'm keeping my home phone # because I don't want my cell # out there anymore than it is. What is worse is when government offices call you and you are on the list. I ask why they think they are above the law and then they cut it very short and hang up.
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