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Originally Posted by dunster View Post
I think I would complain loud and long. First off, if it's a mystery box, it should already be heavily discounted. (I would expect at least a 50% discount right there.) Then if it's 50% off the normal mystery box price, you should be getting $240 worth of fabric. Craftsy's good reputation seems to be crumbling. So sad. Please let us know if they make it right.
I think if the ad states you are getting $120 worth of fabric, expecting $240 is a bit silly. It clearly said it was $120 value.

The problem is that people didn't get $120 worth. (Although craftsy seems to say they did.) I'm glad they are taking this return. $60 is a lot to spend to be disappointed.

(I really like 3-pound cotton assortments. They are $20, and I've always gotten nice useable fabric. Usually, but not always, brand name.)
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