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Originally Posted by KittyKat77 View Post
Hi Glenn,

I did clean them first with sewing machine oil. I had been gently wiping them with sewing machine oil before I read this.

What I've been doing is dipping the rag in the linseed oil, and then just barely touching it to the alcohol.
When that started silvering one spot, I also tried oil + a tiny dab of shellac. That worked better in one spot, but the darkest/crackliest area on the front doesn't seem to want to lighten up, and even going very slow, mostly oil and the tiniest drop of alcohol or shellac, I still got a bit of silvering on one section.

I'm going to continue rubbing mostly oil and a bit of shellac to try to protect it. I am pleased with how much better the black areas look, that's for sure.
the decals on the Davis seemed to be more delicate than the singers or others. I think in this case you need a good coat of shellac on the decals and leave them alone. Just work on the black Japan. I have found that some decals just need to be cleaned with machine oil and a coat of shellac and just leave well enough alone. Being so delicate just clean around them. You are doing everything right you have just run into some bad decals.
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