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I had a Tin Lizzie for my first long arm. In less than a year I had to get an encoder replaced (for the stitch regulator), the stitch regulator cable replaced twice and a new circuit board put in. This probably wouldn't be so bad if it I were jsut quilting for myself--but I quilt for customers and coudn't stand it when I was down a week or more at a time, watingi for a part to arrive. I finally jsut sold it cheap and bought a APQS. I have quilt 42 quilts on my APQS since January and I have not had a single problem yet. I love it. And I realize, just like a car, there could be a long arm machien (of any brand) that could be a "lemon" and I truly felt like I had a lemon. My Tin Lizzie Dealer never had problems with hers. I'm sure if she did, she wouldn't have been a Dealer. Anyway, good luck.
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