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Enachantedglass, Use solution one for cleaning the cabinet. then when done and dry look it over it may not be as bad as you think. If you need to glue down veneer or replace some now is the time to do it. After that use solution 2 to revive the finish and if it looks good then apply a coat of wax. I use briwax(dark). Don't use minwax or johnson paste wax. Any paste wax from antique stores will work but I prefer Briwax. The decals on the machine need to be cleaned with sewing machine oil. You can do the black with my tut on this thread but be sure and apply a coat of shellac over the decals to protect them. You can use a Q-tip and clean around them if you like. You can touch up the missing black japan with instructions on this thread also.(aniline dye alcohol base bought in powder form from wood workers cat.)
The irons I would clean with a small wire brush(about the size of a toothbrush from Harbor Frieght). then spray the irons with a rust converter like Extend(from auto store) Smooth down with steel wool after curing for a day or two. The rust converter will turn the rust black so you may not have to do anything further but to polish them up with wax or wipe them down with liquid gold(Lowes) You can paint them if you like but I never do. If at any time you have a question while working on the cabinet or machine stop and ask. That what's this thread is for. Remember our goal here is not to refinish(although sometimes this is needed) but to restore and to make them pretty as can be and functional. I wish I could get rid of all my wrinkles to but that will not happen. Have fun with this project you have a nice machine there.


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