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I totally agree. We need to support small business - and quilt shops in particular, because they support what we love to do. I have a favorite LQS and I have gotten lots and lots of help with blocks, picking fabric, and an occasional "cheer up" talk when I needed it. (In fact, the owner just called me a few days ago and asked if I wanted a part-time job!! Not that we had ever talked about it, but she needs someone and thought I would have the skills and personality to fit in her philosophy for the shop... wow - my dream job dropped in my lap!) I have taken many classes at this shop and buy most of my fabric there. I have at times bought fabric or patterns online, but usually only when I needed a certain fabric and my LQS didn't have it or was out of it. You can get fabric somewhat cheaper online, and there's nothing wrong with that, but you don't have the personal connection with other quilters when you just click and checkout. That's worth paying a few extra dollars to me!

There are no quilt police when it comes to choosing to shop at a LQS or online. But, as the former owner of a small business, I firmly believe we need to support these local shops. The owners really don't get rich, but most I think own and operate quilt shops because they love quilting and want to share their passion with others like us.
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