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Originally Posted by Candace View Post
No problem. Keep in mind that manuals don't add much value. Especially Pfaff manuals. Lookie here. It's a strange site you and have to keep scrolling back to the model you want and selecting multiple times. But, you can look through the manuals and maybe decide easier? http://s2.vsmgroup.com/VSM/Pfaff/pfaffmanual.nsf

Also, I don't LIKE the case for my 362 at all. It's too tight and actually has caused some paint loss. The one for my 332 is fine. Go figure..

Oh my goodness, you are a lifesaver! Someone gave my mom the Pfaff 360-261 including all attachments and she gave it to me since she already has two industrial machines and a 1928 Singer that she uses. I had been searching for the manual and couldn't find a good spot to get one... You are a ROCKSTAR in my book! :-) Now if I could just find the code wheel for the embroidery portion of the machine we will be all set, you have any ideas?

Thank you again!
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