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Originally Posted by jillaine View Post
Now I know that stash-busting does not necessarily mean scrappy, but for those for whom it MIGHT mean that, I just received the following link from the Quilt Inspiration blog. I've never seen this pattern before-- and apparently it's been around long enough that someone has an antique quilt made with this pattern. I like that it's a) simple (pattern is included, scroll down to the bottom); b) looks traditional enough for my tastes; c) is also "abstract" in that it conveys butterfly without being cutesy; and d) could also be made as non-scrappy.

Check it out:
I used you link to this page and found the quilt called "Dancing Ribbions" . It is a beatiful quilt and I printed off the instructions. However, it is only 12 inches by 12 inches. I would like to make it bed size but I am having difficulty with the math on increasing the size of the cuts. Can anyone help???
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