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The majority of them go to kids with cancer. Some have gone to other children and sew_tracy on the forum is hosting a website for me, to tell all about the dolls. Several went to children with heart problems and transplant needs, one to a child that was in a 3 week coma and got seizures over an auto accident, some with other needs. One went to a child in need of a new heart and liver. The list just goes on and on. Two children some time back were 'laid to rest' with their doll babies'. People here on the forum, etc ....have helped out with the dolls in an enormous way, or there would not be so many out now. It is to the point where I mostly sew dresses together (buy the boys clothing at a thrift store) make the hats and faces and fill them with prayers and hugs and sit them aside till a child is in need of them. Seems like the Lord keeps supplying all the dolls need to bring them to life. I just do the labor. I make the girls dresses as pretty as I can. I keep them 'Toddler size' and the kids seem to love them that way.


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How adorable! My kids once had a 'doll' like this. Theirs was Red Riding Hood and flip it over and it was the Big Bad Wolf. Needless to say, we told this story many times.

I love that you are making dolls for the ACS and know that they brighten a child's day.

God bless.
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