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I once started one. That's when all the patterns were still for free.

On the site the instructions were very clear and there also was help for fabric requirements and colours.

It's was my first quiltproject (In 2007 I was a real quiltnoob :oops: ) and it was way, way to difficult for me. So I made another quilt first and then finished my mini-SBS(size babycrib). Did quit after 60 blocks and in the babycrib are 55 of them and block 56 I designed myself, just for fun. It's all handmade.

I also made the mistake that I wanted to work with one backgroundfabric but didn't buy enough.. Beginnermistake I think.

On this topic you can see it.

My own designed block is designed as a quiltlabel. 4th row and 3th block.

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