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Hello neighbor (slicksister)! I live in Santa Rosa and just saw this tute. I glue basted my twin size quilt last week by taping the layers to my wood floor after heavily starching the top and backing. My back was killing me when I finished, but the glue is really working well for my FMQ. Besides being able to work at waist level (your method, thank you!), the only thing I would add is to make sure the edge of the quilt top is glue basted to the batting. It was hard to determine on my batting (on the floor) where the edge of my top was going to hit and I missed more than I hit the edge. The glue on the edge of the top really helps when quilting to the edges. I also made sure that I had at least 4" of batting/backing around all four sides for moving off the edges when quilting.
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