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Originally Posted by foxxigrani
Would it be a good idea also to ask the family what it is each soldier over there would really like in a care package and what to send. Cookies are great, and I am sure appreciated but if each person knew what they would really like and need, that too could be included in the package. Think? If not please disregard..

Absolutely a good idea. Family will know what the individual soldier has been asking for and needs most.

Before you send anything, though, we need to talk about things you are not allowed to send to soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. It's important to stick to the rules so nobody gets in trouble on either end. NOTHING THAT CONTAINS PORK OR PORK BY-PRODUCTS; NO ALCOHOL; NO TOBACCO; NOTHING CONTRARY TO THE ISLAMIC RELIGION. In regard to the religious restrictions - no matter how you feel about it - the best thing you can do for the soldier is to not include anything that could be interpreted as religious.

Refer to this US Post Office link for more information:

They are always in need of really good insect repellant. (The stuff they get issued doesn't work very well.) Look in the hunting equipment department for the best stuff. Compare the ingredients and send the strongest stuff you can afford.

Everybody needs a teddy bear, don'tcha think? I sent a big boxful to a friend of mine in a Marine unit once. Just little stuffed animals I got at WalMart for under $1 each. They loved it! I made sure to always include a few in every box i sent from then on.

For the best ideas, check this link:
You'll get to see what soldiers tell us they need most and lots of good information that will help make the experience feel good for everybody.

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