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Originally Posted by azdesertrat
is it not true that when sending items overseas that they need to go to a specific person not "just any soldier" for security reasons?We made a bunch of 'gators" for soldiers (necks scarfs made from very soft streatchable fleece,that could be pulled overe the face for protection from cold and biting sandstorms) but the mother of the soldier who started the project said they were only allowed to send packages over there as long as they went to a specific person,
Is this still true?
yes, that is still true. there are individual soldiers who sign up at a website ( ) to be points of contact to whom you can mail packages to be passed out to any soldier in their unit.

The suggestions in this thread, however, are that members of this board get in touch with other members who have identified themselves as friend or family of deployed military. They will either give you their address and forward your gifts to their soldier, or they will get the soldier's permission to release his/her mailing address at the forward station. "Any Soldier" restriction does not apply. All the other rules about what we can send do still apply. See my previous post for basic information and links to more detailed official information from the post office.
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