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Unhappy Help! Does anyone else have a problem with Pfaff 2144?

A couple of years ago my MIL gave me her Pfaff 2144 and I have loved it. Over the last year or so I have had repeated problems with threads getting caught in the bobbin housing and causing such a problem that it had to go in for service. At one point the service man said that the part made of carbon which allows the machine to be non-oiling had become so grooved that we had to replace it. Because the factory was out of that part we installed the metal replacement which requires occasional oiling--ok, no problem, I just didn't want to wait at least another month for the part to come in. I doubt that has really had an effect on the repeated problem.

He did say that the front load bobbin was notorious for this problem and suggested making sure that threads were pulled to the back of the presser foot before starting to stitch. I have done this and still had this problem occur, jamming the works again and requiring the shop one more time. I am so disgusted. I love sewing on this machine and keep wondering if I am causing a problem in the way I load the bobbin or replace the bobbin case. I know that Mom didn't have this problem so I am thinking that I may be the problem. I asked him to check the bobbin winder, too, to make sure that the thread was being loaded correctly.

Does anyone else have experience with this problem? Do you have any ideas about how to avoid it? Help!! I know it is a good machine and I am really frustrated. I even tried to take it apart to see if I could deal with it, but that was impossible, too.

Please, do you have any suggestions other than buying a new machine?
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