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I do 'Tons' of applique- hand and machine- each has it's place; when I am appliqueing on a kids quilt, or quilt that I know will be used/laundered a lot I tend to do machine applique- fusible added to back of pieces, fused in place, machine stitched down- when I am working on a project that is more hand work- English paper piecing, needle turn applique, a project that is not as (apt) to take the beating of a kids quilt/utility (used every day laundered regularly) or I just think hand applique will look better than fusible/machine...it's just a personal choice- either way are great techniques and you should learn both- each has it's place- I have made a few quilts that actually have both- some elements were fused and machine stitched, some were added by hand- I do a lot of English paper piecing and have made quilts where the paper pieced elements were hand appliqued onto the background- then machine applique was added...each quilt is an individual- and deserves it's personal consideration. and what you like the look of or think is going to add that special touch is a personal choice too....learn both ways & do what you enjoy
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