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Thanks for advice, I would like the Go but it is so expensive over here, in fact the Go Baby is as well, but my sister is having a trip to Florida in a week or two so she would be able to bring the Go Baby back in her luggage but the Go would be impossible (she insists on taking clothes, I've told her she only needs one change so she has plenty of room for all the fabric she could bring me back lol). I think the 5" and the squares would be good. RavenLunaStitch thanks for the visuals, this is exactly what I want as scraps in a bag not getting used are a waste but that is just what I have. You have shown me just how easily I can get those scraps used up. Nanacc can you tell me what you get in the value dies? Hopetoquilt I agree with you although I do think the 2 1/2" strip would be useful I have a shape cutter ruler and find that easy for cutting strips. The main reason for getting the Go Baby is for all those small scrap pieces that are just too laborious to be cutting by hand.

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