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Love flannel as batting - much more flexible. I would spray baste between layers to keep it from shifting. Also, if you have seams maybe use a serger. The last time I used flannel as batting I had to piece it so I used 1/2 inch seam allowance then I stitched it down 1/4" from seam on both sides of the seams. I just did not want a lot of fraying if it got washed a few times.

Also, I really like using flannel as batting when I use minkee as backing. Adds warm without a lot of bulk. Also, you don't have to worry about how close you quilt.

Instead of trimming my quilt with the rotary cutter and ruler, I just went around all sides with my serger and it cut and secured all the raw edges of the flannel. Some people will complain that you can't properly block it this way but the only time I think that matters is if you plan on entering it in a quilt show. And if it's washed afterwards - it's not going to be perfect anyway.

I wanted to secure all my seams on top but did not want a lot of bulk in the machine so I quilted the top to the flannel, then secured the minkee backing with quilting around the major design (a medalion) and one of the inner borders. Then pulled the edges of the minkee around to the top and quilted it down. I posted a tutorial on how to make flat mitered corners using this method.

The only draw back I can see with flannel is that it's not "puffy" and your quilting won't stand out as much - with my skill level that's a good thing!

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