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I have a dead bar and I love it! When I got my machine, it did not have a dead bar, but my dealer got it recently as an add on kit option and I wanted it immediately. I hated trying to decide when and how much to raise the bar. Now I don't have to. I've quilted both cotton and wool on it and didn't have to adjust anything. Earlier this week was my first time using wool batting and when I saw how thick it is, I was worried, but I didn't have any problem. That quilt was roughly 75x85 and there was more than enough room under the harp. I only have a 10 ft frame, so I can't do a king (and I'd probably be overwhelmed anyway so I don't mind).

I have the Pfaff PowerQuilter P3, which is made by TinLizzy and I believe is essentially the same machine just with a different name. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to long arms, but I considered the BL Crown Jewel and the newly released Juki. I decided on the Pfaff because the dealer support is amazing and they gave me private lessons, which I really needed. I didn't like the APQS or the Innova, but again that was just my personal preference.

Keep us updated on what you decide. It's a big decision and you are smart to be researching and asking questions.
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