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Default Fabric Hoarder Confession!!

Confessional time ........
I have decided today, that I am a fabric Hoarder - and I am going to stop!!!! I will never in many lifetimes complete all the projects that I have hidden in totes, drawers, closets, attics, trunk of car. My goal for this fall and winter, is take all the fabric that I will never use (you know the kind, the stuff from yard sales, auctions, thrift stores,etc) and donate it. When I was first starting to hoard and quilt, I hunted down fabric - not project specific, just fabric, lots of it. Not the best quality, in colors that I do not like any longer. Even if I remove 50-100 yards of fabric, I still will not have enough years left to make the projects that are left. Seriously, am I the only one who realizes that "enough is enough'?
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