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I have been to Aruba and Curacao both twice. Plus the other 2 places once. I love cruising. I am physically challenged. I use either a scooter or wheelchair. The cruise staff treat me like I'm special. The first time I was in Curacao in 1999 I took a jeep ride around the island. I picture the island all green and lush. Not this island. Because it is in the shadow of South America they don't get that much rain fall. so the interior has cactus and looked like a desert. We stopped for lunch and on the menu was iguana. I didn't get it but kick myself now just so I can say I tried it. The main town is so cute. It was a Dutch Island so it looks Dutch. Every building is painted brightly. Go on the internet and look these places up. You can even have them send you stuff. Enjoy.
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