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Originally Posted by Yarn or Fabric View Post
I'm in the minority here.. I don't like the idea of using a smaller machine when I'm sewing at classes so I just put my Juki 2000 in a rolling case and off we go. I was going to use my older, lighter Janome machine (my Juki replaced her for all my straight stitching which is mostly what I do anyway) and I just missed my Juki so much that I bought a rolling case last Black Friday at Hancocks and haven't flinched.

My guild is a very active one so my Juki goes on the road with me a lot... I also went to Harbor Freight and bought a wheeled utility cart which I put in my car (all my seats fold flat) and when I get to the workshop, I unload my wheelie cart... put my machine on top and then put all my supplies and whatnot on to the cart and just wheel it in to the building.

I guess the point in the end is... is one of your machines able to fit in a wheeled case? You might miss your regular machine and end up not liking what you are working with and have more frustration than it's worth... and a case is a lot cheaper than another machine
The one machine that has a hard wheeled case with extension handle is my janome 12000. I bought the case thinking I would use it but the machine is so darn heavy coupled with my concern (maybe it's unfounded) of causing tension/computer issues by moving the machine and having it jostled in the car while driving that I thought it best to keep it home. I have yet to sew anything on this machine as I use it for embroidery.
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