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I am confused about something, which I've been thinking of for these past few hours and have been puzzled.

So, when I am attempting to smooth out the old ridges of shellac, I am using linseed oil and alcohol, right? No shellac flakes yet?

And then I will clean the surface of the machine with naptha, and apply the new shellac; and this is where I am confused. In applying the new layer of shellac, will I also again be using linseed oil, along with the alcohol and the shellac? It seems so from Glenn's tutorial, and I am just trying to work this all around in my little pea brain... Does the linseed oil 'cure' into the shellac? It will not be necessary to clean with naptha again, right? This whole French polish thing will be several applications of a mixture of shellac, alcohol, and linseed oil. Right?

I think I am confused because clearly linseed oil plays a major role, as without it I was unable to successfully smooth the ridges. I am trying to understand exactly what role the linseed oil plays.

I am not sure why this is confusing to me. Maybe I tinkered for too many hours today and am just tired... but I just want to make sure I am totally clear on everything.

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