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I was a home ec teacher from the "old school." Since that time, the program has changed considerably. I think it's now called Human Resources. SEwing and food preparation is not the focus anymore. There is more of a focus on consumer education, family relationships, etc.

In a beginning sewing class, the first thing I did was find out if they knew the machine. They learned to thread the machine and basic dos and don't in operating it. Then they practiced on fabric swatches making seams (5/8", 1/2" and 1/4 "). It was a garment construction class so they learned to read and use a pattern. Then cut out the pattern pieces needed for their garment. We made very simple pajamas. If it were a quilting lesson, I assume you would use basic quilting language and then after she has learned to use her machine, and [practiced sewing 1/4" seams, then teach her to cut a simple pattern. Stitching would be next. Giving her a good basic foundation will allow her to have more success when she actually makes her first quilt.

I found that after that preliminary class of learning the basics, the students were all fired up to get started on a project.
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