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Originally Posted by Neesie View Post
I used to bid on eBay and from what I've heard, many people use automatic bidding programs, which take only a fraction of a second, to outbid someone.
I regularly use Bidnapper for eBay auctions. It assures my bid is placed in the last second - it allows me to change or cancel my bid right up till a few minutes before the end of the auction. Bidding early only serves to run it up.
That said there are a lot of things that aren't highly competitive where I do just toss a bid on it as close to closing as I can.

You can use Bidnapper for GW auctions as well but it's not as reliable. I recently had one on which my bid was never placed.
As for shill bids...yeah...no surprise. Since you place your highest bid - say $25 on a 9.99 opening bid item - if they bid $15 you'll automatically raise them. I'll bet it goes poorly for them a lot of the time.

Originally Posted by SteveH View Post
enough Screen captures of listing that "sold" then showed up again like that can be used to show criminal intent.

Yeah - but it'a hard to imagine a hard charging young assistant D.A. looking to make a name for herself choosing to put the hammer of justice down on Goodwill.

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