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Originally Posted by dunster View Post
I bought one at Walmart and returned it - thought it was too flimsy. Yet many people do love them.
I bought two of them today - the Plus and the Pro (my partner is going to have a heart attack when the CC statement comes in). I've been considering them for awhile but after buying a Binding Buddy a few months ago, I was worried about how thin Tailor rulers are.

I spoke to my retailer this morning who, I think, has some connection with the Australian Matilda ruler range and she said other companies have tried to make similar rulers from more rigid plastic but they just didn't work because of the size and the slots. As a result of that I bit the bullet and bought the rulers today.

Another thing that makes a little nervous is just how vulnerable they are to being but cut by the rotary cutter.

The two rulers cost me AU$210.00 with postage (yes, they are VERY expensive down here) so I just hope they do the job.
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