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I like the ideas. Thanks. I have not put my phone number on there as of yet, because I was trying to decide if I should. It would be my home number, and on top of this, I am working full time, but do have an answering machine. I will think about adding the phone number. Also, my original thought with filling out the form, was that it asked the questions that I would ask in an e-mail or phone conversation. With this form, then I would do the estimate, and e-mail a quote to the customer telling them the price. The intention with the form, is that it would save maybe a bit of time. I may need to rethink some of this through a bit more.

I also like the idea of doing a sold for price. I do have a question on that though. On one of the quilts that I did, I gave the guy a price, and he rounded it up to the nearest 100.00 dollars. It was $11.00 more than I had told him. Do I put the price he was willing to pay, or the one that I quoted?
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