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Originally Posted by callen View Post
I respect the opinions on this board so much that I need your help. For those who have a food processor - what are your main uses for it? Is it one of those appliances that will sit on the counter just for looks or am I just missing the needs vs wants for one? I would appreciate your input on this issue - obviously not an earth shattering decision but have very mixed opinions on this appliance. Also, what brand do you like best? I am leaning towards a Cuisinart 9 cup model because I have read several negative reviews on KitchenAid small appliances. I thank you so much for your help.
My food processor is the most important small appliance I have. I use it daily. I'm sure you could get by with something less expensive than a Cuisinart, but they are real gems! The only drawback is no FP cuts decent julienne strips or French fries. But what they can do to a block of cheese or a stinky onion will take your breath away.
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