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I suggest you look for a stand alone embroidery machine that suits your needs. I have two such machines and along with a sewing machine and a serger. My first embroidery machine is a Bernina and the second a Brother. Both use the same format which is PES. I have a small fortune tied up in designs for them. I am able to work on a sewing project while the embroidery machine or machines do their thing. I guess I am just to lazy to have to tear down and set up the "sewing machine' just for sewing every time I want to make something. I confess I use variegated thread in the embroidery machines when it works for my project just to have to keep from constantly changing thread. When it stops to have a thread change I just flip the lever up and down and it goes on. While I am lazy that way I am very productive. I make at least 21 Linus quilts a month and have also gotten into making the Princess Pillowcase dresses. I usually produce at least 20 of them a month. I was able to purchase extra larger embroidery hoops for both of my embroidery machines. I believe I got them from Nancy's Notions.

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