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Default May 2014 Pincushion & Needlecase Swap ~ signup closes May 1st

This is a secret swap and you will not necessarily be sending to the person who will send to you. You may sign up for two items: can be either 2 pincushions OR 2 needle cases OR 1 of each. International swappers are welcome to join us, and can send a pincushion "unstuffed" to save on postage. All skill levels welcomed!

THEME: This month the theme with be floral.


1. The cushion/case does NOT have to be quilted or hand embroidered, although it can be. But it must be handmade - not purchased.
2. Use cotton or wool felt for the pincushions and stuff with appropriate filling. Use cotton or felt for the needle case, and it should have an insert of wool, felt, or Warm and Natural (this is great for needle cases).
3. Embellishments/appliqué/embroidery are welcome but not required. PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL LINE IN THE INFORMATION SHEET REGARDING THE USE OF POLY BLENDS IN THE COTTON AND FELT. If you plan on using the cushion/case as a daily use item please mention this, as polyester will dull the points of pins and needles.
4. The size and shape of the pincushion/needle case is up to the individual creating it, but should not be smaller than 3” x 3”.

Sign-ups begin today and end on May 1st at 9:00pm EST. This is a firm closing time. Names will be assigned by PM beginning the morning of May 3rd and should be completed by end of the day.
Please respond to this thread with a post if you are joining the swap. Then highlight and copy the information sheet onto a new PM, fill it in and PM it to me. Please put in the subject line of the PM what you want to swap. I will acknowledge receipt of your PM.

The deadline for mailing is Friday May 16th. International swap mail date is May 10th.
Participants in the April swap who did not fulfill their obligation by the time the May signup closes will not be able to participate in this swap.
You are required to PM me with your tracking number when you ship. You are required to have a tracking number on your package but priority mail is not required. First class with a tracking number is acceptable.
If for some reason you will not be able to fulfill your obligation, please PM me as soon as possible so that I can locate a swap angel.
YOU MUST SEND ME A PM WHEN YOU SHIP AND WHEN YOU RECEIVE. Remember to thank your partner, either by a post, or a PM for a personal thank you. It would be nice if you report a feedback score to your SP. Pictures are encouraged, but not required. We all love seeing what everyone is receiving. If you are unable to post a picture, please make sure that you mark that on your information sheet so that your partner can take a picture before shipping it. Please understand that this board has members with different skill levels and you will not necessarily be swapping with someone at the same level. Let's love the creation we are sent. We all started somewhere and the most important thing to remember, is that your partner made it with you in mind!

Please add a card or note so the recipient knows who made it. It is not necessary to send other items such as needles, pins, etc., but you may if you would like. Just make sure the pin points will not poke out during shipping and stab the postal worker. Honest – this has happened – one of the swappers mentioned it.

Screen Name:
Real Name:
City, State, Zip:
Are you using your pincushion/needlecase for everyday use:
Is it ok to be made/stuffed with polyester:
Favorite Colors:
Favorite fabric line:
Your least favorite color(s):
Least favorite fabric line:
Is there anything you like to collect:
What are your hobbies other than quilting:
Is there anything you do not want to receive:
Do you have Allergies (smoke, cats, dogs etc):
Do you have pets:
Is it ok if your partner smokes:
Do you smoke:
Do you have a digital camera to post pictures on the thread:
Can you mail international:
E-mail address:
Phone number:

This form will be given to your secret swapper (minus the email address and phone number – this is for me should I need to contact you). Feel free to add more about yourself to the information sheet. The more you add, the better she/he will be able to get to know you. Plus, I will be using this info to match partners. If you have questions, please PM me and I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

REQUIRED: I am required to tell participants to send me a monthly PM to verify that they are still active in this swap and are working on their promised project. I am required to insist that all participants send me verification of shipment, to include tracking information. Participants are required to ensure packages will not arrive “postage due.” Any and all other fees, such as import duties, taxes, etc imposed by the recipient’s government are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Absent legitimate and reported mitigating circumstances, participants who have not fulfilled their obligation to ship shall be deemed “late” and risk receiving Negative [Swap] Feedback. Please keep in touch with me and let me know right away if something happens that will interfere with your ability to complete your project on time. Swappers should treat each other as friends and focus on the fun. So … please be prepared to be flexible, patient and understanding if necessary and appropriate.

This swap has been approved by PatriceJ.

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