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Default PDF user manual assistance needed. Singer 66

So my sister in law was just given her great grandmother's treadle. Thanks to all the help I received here for both my 66 and my 221, I knew this was the first place to direct her. She may not be ready yet though. Her's is a 66 based on her model number from April 1st, 1924 batch of 50,000. It's a treadle in a cabinet and both are in need of massive restoration.

She's not restored or used a vintage machine to the best of my recollection. Anyway, I found her a PDF version of the mechanics/service manual for it.

I have a copy of a paper manual. She really wants a PDF. Do you know where I can search to find one for her? I tried to take a picture of mine from front to back, but it didn't work out for me very well.

I appreciate any help you send my way. I might as well save everything electronic too in case, somehow, my sewing machine manuals are ever lost....I'm pretty sure I would die, but that's just me. I really am NOT paperless!

Thank you!

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