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Default Boom 13 "FOUR LEAF CLOVER" 4 Month Group

Boom 13, 4 Month Group

"Four Leaf Clover"

F8s must be in my hands by June 23, 2014
Completed blocks must be in my hands by October 25, 2014

Here are the 20 group members of Boom 13, Four Leaf Clover:

Jaba* Alternate host
Groovy Pieces
Quilt addict
Traveling Gamma

This is where you should now be posting your comments, pictures, encouragement, whatever you want to post regarding your group. We’d love to hear about your blocks, see in progress pictures, hear a funny story (Terriamn), have you show us new techniques or gadgets or ideas (Bluelady), just generally share. Don’t disappear for 4 months! Post something so we know you are still out there!

The success of Boom 13 is immensely dependent upon you keeping to the schedule so please review the full schedule below. The dates items are due in my hands are not 'guidelines', they are 'deadlines' and are non-negotiable! With this method of shipping/distribution, if even one person is late, EVERYONE IS LATE. As for me, I’ll keep to my deadlines as noted below unless I keel over! And, to that end, you’ll notice that Jaba is your Alternate Host for this group. Happily, she’s agreed to pick up where I leave off in the event of an emergency. I’ve made arrangements for my family to send everything for Clover to Jaba should I be unable to continue. She’ll receive whatever supplies of yours I have as well as an up to date spreadsheet and your contact information. How I hope it never comes to that but it’s a back-up plan just in case.

I’ve prepared emails with more details for everyone, including where to send your f8s, and those will be going out shortly. Please look for them, read them and hit ‘reply’ so I know you’ve gotten the information. If there are any questions, if something is unclear, if I’ve left anybody out or otherwise made an error, please let me know as soon as possible!

Keep these dates in mind:

Monday, June 23, 2014 – All of Clover’s F8s MUST BE IN MY HANDS

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 – I mail F8’s to all Clover members

Saturday, October 25, 2014 – Clover’s completed blocks MUST BE IN MY HANDS

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – I mail Clover’s completed blocks to each member

Remember to send me the tracking info for your package to [email protected]. Email me with any questions or problems or omissions.

Thank you so much for joining Boom 13, the Four Leaf Clover or "Clover" 4 Month Group!


Basic rules from one Boom to the next:

Groups can be either small (16’ish swappers) or large (30’ish swappers) but it will be totally dependent upon who signs up for what. You may also select whether you want a 2 month swap or a 4 month swap but nothing will be set in stone until names and requests start coming in. All fabric pieces and completed blocks will be sent to me for distribution to other members and tracking will be required on all packages. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME. Other important points, we use of Fat Eighths ONLY, not Eighths, proper preparation of all fabrics, participation on the dedicated Boom 13 boards, proper packaging of fabrics and completed blocks, etc. Details follow below but anyone who has participated in a Boom before knows the basics.

In general, this is how the Boom works:
You will receive a list of Board Names of those in your group. You choose a fabric, prepare it and send it to me. You need one Fat Eighth (18” x 11”) for each member. Send all F8s to me along with any special requests for your fabric. I will distribute them to the other members. You stitch a block for each member out of the F8 you receive from them. When you have finished ALL blocks, you ship them to me and I will again sort them and return the completed blocks to everyone.

Please make sure to also refer to the basic policies that apply to all swaps through the board: RULES FOR SWAPS AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES - Updated 8 December 2010.

Fabric, Completed Block and Package Preparation:

1) Please pre-wash your fabric before cutting into Fat Eighths by de-selvaging, pre-washing and pressing. Cut your fabric into Fat Eighths, generally about 18” x 11” or as small as 18”x 10”, depending upon shrinkage. Mail them to me. (Also, be certain that the fabrics you plan to use to complete blocks have been pre-washed as well.)

2) When mailing your F8s to me for distribution, please make sure they are individually sealed in a small ziploc bag or tightly wrapped in Saran Wrap and lie as flat as possible. Label each F8 with your board name along with any instructions or color requests. Labels are useful to help the recipient prevent fabric mix-ups, something that’s easy to do. (DO NOT SPECIFY A RECIPIENT unless a certain fabric is being directed to a particular person. Doing so slows my sorting process immensely.) Put all the f8s inside a larger ziplock bag with your name and your group’s name and then put them in your shipping container. (Note: if you are in multiple groups and combining shipping, please separate f8s into 2 separate bags, one for each group. Whatever you do, do not toss f8s for multiple groups in a single bag and mail it!) When you send your completed blocks back to me, please seal and label your completed blocks with the owner’s name AND your name in a similar manner as you did the F8s. (Your name is important so that the owner knows who made what block.)

3) Please mail your F8s to me so they are in my hands on the date specified, for Boom 13 that date is June 23, sooner if you can manage it. The sooner you get them to me, the sooner they go out! Be sure to send me the tracking number as soon as you mail. Do not forget to send me tracking info!

4) Carefully handle all fabric received and completed blocks, placing them somewhere safe and clean until mailing time comes.

5) To help keep track of the fabrics and blocks made, I will establish an online Fabric Gallery if you send me pix of your F8 fabric and completed blocks as you go.

6) Please keep in touch with your group members by posting to the dedicated Boom 13 thread. It is a REQUIREMENT to post your block-making status.

7) All blocks must be completed within the time frame for the group and mailed to me with a tracking number.

8) All blocks should be 12 1/2” unfinished. They may be regularly pieced, paper-pieced, appliquéd, whatever the block maker decides to do. It is up to each individual. Again, the feeling is to get a true friendship quilt out of this. Please do not request specific blocks as the idea is to let everyone, of every skill level, join in and try new things and grow. Before mailing, be sure to clean up the blocks by trimming your threads and cutting the dog ears.

9) Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

You must supply me with tracking numbers on all parcels sent to me and I will do likewise when I mail to you. All shipping costs are your responsibility. You may ship to me in whatever tracked package you like, however I will ONLY ship to you in USPS Padded Priority Envelopes at a cost is $6. You may supply me with a pre-paid or pre-stamped USPS Padded Priority Envelope (available for free at or send me $6 in well-concealed cash and I will supply the envelope, whatever is easier for you.

Keep in mind the following:

You MUST be in good standing with previous swaps. ANYONE with a poor track record of fulfilling swap commitments will not be permitted to join. Once names are published on the thread, I will likely be told if there have been previous problems and you may be dropped.

If you do not return blocks for your fellow members by the group deadline, I will hold blocks made for you until you do so. My goal is 100 percent completion! Failure to complete the Boom will result in negative feedback.

PLEASE do not send fabrics or blocks with perfume or overwhelming fragrances on them due to allergies. There are swap members or family members who have severe allergies to certain things so please try your best to not send anything that could cause an allergic reaction.

Please keep in mind that various swappers may be smokers or have pets. If this is a problem for you, this will not be the swap for you.

NO public complaints or criticisms of other swappers, items received or other type for any reason are permitted. ALL complaints must be addressed by Private Message (PM) or email to me at [email protected]. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Group lengths and group sizes are fluid and will be determined by sign-ups. You may be asked to adjust one or both to fill vacancies as needed. If changing doesn’t suit you, you may withdraw at that time.

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