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QuiltE has a point however I'll toss out a few anyway sometimes a question s just a question.

Several years ago I broke my jaw in 3 places and they were wired shut for 10 weeks this is a list of the 2 stages liquids only and then soft foods. The nutrinist at the time said to just make a meal and toss it all in a blender till it could go through a straw.......ewwwwwww the hospital tried that for my breakfast once it was horrifying so this is how I ate

creamy soups run through a blender
any home made soup or stew run through a blender (I prefered chicken based ove beef base)
shakes made with ice cream or frozen yogurt, peanutbutter and a meal replacement liquid like ensure.
Fruit smoothies with yogurt and protein powders

Creamy soups not pulverized further, soups cooked till the veggies are mush
Mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes or just very soft baked potatoes
Overcooked egg noodles
soft boiled eggs (aka 3 minute eggs)
soft scrambled eggs
beans cooked very soft or refried beans

It was not a diet with a lot of variety but it worked, I didn't eat soup for many years after that and shakes even longer.

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