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I have a Dec birthday so it is like christmas. Took my birthday money & went to Sam's Club (they had the best deal) & bought me a Ninja chopper. This is neatest thing I have ever had. I made Bacon Potato Cheddar soup for lunch & put the carrots in it & it chopped better than grading them Can't wait to make a carrot cake. I have to puree the hot sauce or salsa for my boys because they don't like the chunks & it works so much better than a blender it is unbelieveable. I have had a ball with this thing so far. The one at Sam's you get 2 extra chopper bowls with the pitcher & other bowl & 2 sets of blades. The one at Walmart only has one chopper bowl & pitcher & is the same price. Same for Bed, Bath & Beyond. I love my new toy. :thumbup:
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