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Default PVC Embroidery/Quilt support frame

Was going to have my son-in-law make me something out of wood, then saw a picture of what looked to be a pvc supporter for quilting/ my daughter and I went PVC wild and made this sturdy frame that fits around my 6 foot by 30 inch sewing table! The whole deal cost $49, and that includes $11 for a pvc cutting tool! Woot Woot! Breaks down in minutes and seems to be holding my quilts just great! Thanks for looking!
1. 5 lengths of 10 foot pvc40 pe piping (a heavier grade---sturdy)
Cut: 4 @ 5 feet, 4 @ 31 inches, 2 @ 44 inches (this is based on MY 30 inch wide table) 2. 4 of 90 degree couplers
3. 4 of 90 degree couplers with outlet---basically a 3 outlet coupler
4. Bought an assorted size 22 pack of clamps from Lowes...some too hard for me to clamp, so picked size that worked
And one great PVC cutter tool for $11! woo hoo!

Used shower curtain rings attached to long strips of canvas I sewed.

Any questions I'd be happy to answer!
Attached Thumbnails pvc-quilt-holder.jpg   pvc-quilt-holder3.jpg   pvc-quilt-holder4.jpg   3-way-coupler-4-each-also-called-90-degree-coupler-outlet.jpg   90-degree-coupling-4-each.jpg  

clamps-lowes-22-pack-%2410-assorted-sizes.jpg   curtain-rings-strips-canvas.jpg  

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