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Default Singer Futura ce-150 -help!

Alright, I need a little help before I throw this thing out in the yard.
My friend sold me her embroidery machine after she couldn't get it serviced where she lived, so she bought a new one. I had it serviced here, it worked perfectly -for one day.
Now, I keep getting a tangle. I can't even stitch one single stitch without a tangle and it jams the machine up. I took everything apart and cleaned it, re-set the tension, re-threaded it, got rid of the tangle and everything. I tried different fabrics, different stabilizer, different pattern (including one that worked yesterday) new needle, and I'm using the same bobbin already threaded that I was using yesterday.
Any ideas before I have an aneurysm?

My top thread is getting stuck as it goes around the bobbin, and instead of pulling the bobbin thread up, it just pulls the whole bobbin case up against the cover and then the thread breaks.
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