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Each of you has given me something to think about. Thanks. . I am going to have adjustable legs on the table, so I think the first approach will be to lower the table, as QuiltedSunshine suggested. DH isn't an experienced woodworker, so he'd not be disappointed if I could manage to use the extension table.

Thanks for pointing out about the knee lift, Toverly. I've only sewn on the Juki a few times and didn't use it, so it was off the radar.

I won't be having a cabinet, but instead, a table top with adjustable legs underneath. I hate to have to cut such a big hole for the extension table as well as the machine if it can be done another way. I saw a huge embroidery machine running at JoAnn's, so I guess something else could fit that opening, but it doesn't live at my house.

I am grateful for any other thoughts as well.

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