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Psycologists say the biggest hazard to retirees is interuption of their circadian rythms. You have spent a lifetime getting up, and being gone early in the morning. Now you don't HAVE to, but if you change your sleep schedule, you can end up tired, low energy, and possibly depressed by this. DH was a workaholic, his job was his hobby. Now he is retired and becaue he did this to himself, he has had some problems getting back to a normal sleep schedule. At first most people keep the same schedule, but as time passes, and you begin to really enjoy running your own ship as it were, that you begin to stay up later, because you don't need to get up early anymore, and it is a bad slippery slope . Be good to you, and go find out what you have been missing while you were being responsible! Blessings.

Also- beware of the phrase "since you aren't working..." Nothing comes at the end of that sentence except hassle! Ask me how I!

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