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Default embroidery machine is here need advice

my new and first embroideryt machine arrived a few days go. its the project runway limited edition brother LB-6800.

when i first started playing with it i was very over whelmed.. took me hours to figure stuff out. on day one i got it to embroider a 3 line label for me. i was super excited. day two i was winding bobbins as i was sewing on my other machine. again i was super excited. now on day three i am sewing. i am having trouble getting use to it. mainly the size. i normally sew on a elna 6200. this new machine looks like a toy next to it. but i must say this little machine as lot of features i am not use to. i feel very spoiled. my husband thinks i am crazy when i get excited everytime i find a new feature. now if i buy a new sewing machine it will have to have the same features.

now for the reason i started this post i was wondering if anyone could tell me a good site to by embroidery thread thats not over priced for a set of like 60+ and also i good place to get embroidery patterns to down load or buy cards.

thank you in advance
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