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Originally Posted by Rodney View Post
I'd check the wiring and motor first. The motors are pretty hard to kill.
I've had only one that's truly dead and I was amazed (because I've revived about a hundred). The armature had truly had it, and the poor old thing will never go again, unless I have the armature rewound. The machine it was on is in the same condition: a 319K that was used and used and used until everything is worn out.
Here's why yours couldn't be worn out: The gold decals are in good condition. That's all I need to be sure the motor is also. If all the decals and Japan had been worn off (like poor old 319K) I'd think otherwise, but if it's unworn i will be unused and so will the motor.
Take one of the motor brushes out and check it for wear. I'm willing to bet it's like new.
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