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I haven't been getting the Quilting Board daily digest for over a week. I know there are other ways to get here but I always followed it to here. I have emailed repeatedly and nothing.
It is 93 degrees today with 50% humidity. It was awful at school with no AC. I came home and took a nap. It is supposed to be this way until next Thursday. I am hoping to go on a bike ride early tomorrow morning. My neighber has been telling me for a couple of years to come over and swim any time I want. I just don't feel right opening their gate and jumping in their pool. They are leaving town in the morning and I plan to use the pool all weekend.
I am of to a good start for September eating. They had a breakfast at school this morning and all I had was one bite of coffee cake. I really need to get in more exercise but I come home lazy. I guess I will have to use my elliptical.
I am working on a quilt for my DD and I am just not in the mood to make it. I promised her it would be finished before she needs it in the winter. It is a lot of curved piecing which is finished. Not sure why I don't want to work on it, the hard stuff is done. I don't even have anything else I desperately want to make.
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