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Anna, change that to "I AM being good today". You want it now, not in the future. You have done very well and will continue to do so.

Excellent job, crafty-kid. A little over two pounds a week (August was a long month) and you're golden. Enjoy your batiks.

Teri, cheat days are good. They keep you metabolism guessing so that it doesn't reset to your new lower calorie intake. If you are worried about not jumping back on, have your cheat day away from home so the temptation isn't in the house. (Hot caramel sundae from Culver's, anyone? Pecans subbed for cashews for me.)

Listened to a telesummit broadcast yesterday - one of the points was addressing cravings. When you have a craving, eat straight protein. I have a roasted chicken in the fridge so I'm playing with it today. Years ago, I had a book that indicated eating half a boiled egg at craving time. Same concept.

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